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Advanced Software
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Learn how to discover and
exploit software vulnerabilities.

Python for Ethical
Hackers Course

Designed to push your Python
scripting skills to the next level!

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Our courses are delivered through our modern e-learning platform and they come with tons of content, including videos, text-based lessons, scripts, configuration files, useful resources, practice quizzes, and dozens of exercises.

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Hands-on Lab Exercises

In order to consolidate the concepts taught throughout our courses, each lecture is followed by several hands-on lab exercises. To complete these exercises, you will be provided with the instructions to set up a few target virtual machines (VMs).

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Tutorials and videos about IT security

We regularly create short tutorials and how-to videos for you. Do you have a question about a specific tool? Do you want to know how a certain technique works? Then, let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we will try our best to answer your question. 😉

Hands-on Hacking Courses


Python for Ethical Hackers

In this course, you will learn how to be more effective in your job by automating boring, repetitive, and complex tasks using the Python programming language.Highlights:

  • Learn to code in Python

  • Understand how to develop customized network reconnaissance tools

  • Develop custom applications for extracting data from social networks

  • Learn to automate complex network and Web attacks

  • Utilize Python to rapidly develop remote exploits

Price: CHF 250


Software Exploitation

In this course, you will learn to find software vulnerabilities using a number of tools and techniques, ranging from file format fuzzing to source code auditing, and then craft your own exploits in Python, JavaScript, and Java.Highlights:

  • Practical software vulnerability discovery

  • Network protocol and file format fuzzing

  • Binary analysis techniques and vulnerable patterns identification

  • Advanced usage of the Grinder Framework, PyKd, and IDA Python

  • In-depth study of common Windows mitigation bypasses

Price: CHF 1'150

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We are a group of IT security professionals who have been working in this space for more than a decade. Together, we have provided comprehensive software security assessment and penetration testing services to companies all over the world. This website is a friendly place to share with the security community what we have learned throughout the years.

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